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Following the revolution in 2011, Libya is now on the path towards democracy and economic liberalisation. Many sectors of the economy which were heavily regulated by the Ghaddafi dictatorship are now free from restrictions. This makes Libya one of the most promising countries for new investments.

Libya’s economic transition has allowed new businesses to start and has, in a very short space of time, translated into huge amounts of internal investment. This has contributed greatly to Libya’s GDP growth rate of over 100% in 2012.

Before the revolution, many industries were restricted to government entities and close associates of the Ghaddafi regime. Today, all of those restrictions have been lifted and there have been large investments in promising new sectors of the Libyan economy.

Capitalising early on the new opportunities in Libya can translate into capturing and maintaining a large market share in a rapidly growing market. This really is an environment for entrepreneurs able to execute ideas on a large scale and successfully manage rapidly growing businesses.

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